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All the stuff on this batch are here: http://simply-kim.livejournal.com/354646.html

I had fun brainstorming and conceptualising. I fear I need more lessons on homegrown superstition and folklore too. Hahaha. Anyway, here they are. XD;
Churned up two things during my free time. I had a lot of things to do so the colours are lighter than I wanted them to be.


First is R.Papa cleaning the cemetery. I wanted to layer, but I got lazy. haha. orz Yes. Ossans who clean up cemeteries and involved in the occult should dress up like that. The world would be a better place. XD
The other is R.Papa + 5th Avenue. I like the opportunities created by this pair. They're perfect. :3

I see a lot of ghost stories in their future too. Poor 5th Avenue. XD;

PS: For those who haven't seen, this is the post where R.Papa and Abad Santos were introduced. Thr group pan of them with 5th Avenue and Blumentritt is here too. :) [CLICK HERE PLEASE]
It has been a long time since I drew new characters. I have thought about them a whole lot and turned everything over until their descriptions made sense. I am quite smitten with R.Papa and have thought about his design long and hard. Abad Santos is more like an image of someone I know who lives in that area, so he was really fun to draw. The group pan follows the red and black ink motif of the previous two. I hope you guys find them interesting enough. Thank you. :)


Blumentritt + The Twins (Again)

I find it sexy when men smile - and the edges of their teeth are showing. I like men with nice teeth. And I like them with nice smiles too. Haha. XD So yeah, I guess that liking trancends to the stuff I draw. Most of them are smiling. XD


And just because I was inspired days ago, this one:

[Doroteo Jose + Recto: Entanglement]

There you go. haha. ♥

5th Avenue + Pedro Gil + Morning Past

On week when I didn't have net, I managed to draw some more. Haha. XD

[5th AVENUE]

And this one, I tried out the new markers I got on last Saturday's Book Fair. I like the markers. I just have trouble using them because they dry so fast! orz I like the way it turned out though. :)


That's it for now. haha. There are more stuff to colour. XD

PS: I'm obsessing over the twins. Anuba. XD

The Twins ♥

It took a lot of thought before I finally came up with these designs. I had to differentiate because really, D. Jose is more flamboyant than Recto even if they have the same genes and are in the same trade. Haha. :3




Comic Strip

I made a sort of fanservice thing. Haha. XD And a little gift of sorts. XD

[Arroceros x Carriedo: The Best Gift of All]

(ART) Two More

Finally finished two more. Haha. I'm kind of productive art-wise recently. XD




It was hard drawing Carriedo. I kept confusing him with Blumentritt, so I kind of drew him twice. Adjusted and adjusted and stuff. orz As for Cubao, well, he... looks like a cross between Dino and Atobe... for some strange reason. orz My hand was moving on its own when I was drawing him. haha. orz

Anyway, there you go. ^_^;;; More to some soon, I think. XD

(ART) Arroceros

Finally managed to tweak his hair. Haha. I made it a bit dishevelled instead of the planned slick and pomade-d up gelled-up. XD


Haha. ♥


Haha. Two more. I had a hard time piecing together what Santolan looks like. He needs to differ a lot from 5th Avenue. So yeah. Concept for 5th Avenue is drawn roughly now. I'm having trouble with Arroceros' hair. orz Ossans must have hot hair, man! ><


I hope I finish Arroceros and Carriedo soon. orz